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And the YOU Development, Motivation, Branding & Community Building, and Comprehensive Ideas to Instantly Apply to Your Business Sustainably. Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever!

Nov 30 – Dec 4, 7 pm EST

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2020 Has Been Very Tough Markets & Workplaces Have Changed, but Sustainability has come out on Top!

People are willing to pay a premium and spread the word for products and services from sustainable businesses.

How can you bring this to your idea, venture, or business? Here’s a hint…It first starts with YOU!

Businesses that showcase the “YOU” within their brands share their passion, their story, create massive value, and have a bigger goal of impacting others on a greater scale.

Want to see how? Here’s your chance to experience it…

Introducing: The 5-Day Sustainable YOU Challenge

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Paul Nadeau

Bobby Umar

Gina Romero

Chris Munce

Ravi Chidambaram

Why be a part of the Sustainable YOU Challenge?

We take you through the aspects of sustainably building YOU, your personal values, and building the motivation to persevere from within. We then identify your own personal leadership style with a custom personality assessment. We then go through an exclusive list of ideas to develop your pivot plan through innovation and value stacking.

We work to strengthen your personal branding and in building your sustainable community. Then we uncover how you can build your business venture sustainably and profitably going into the future!


This Challenge will give you the knowledge to:

Develop Greater Passion for Your Venture

Understand Yourself More Effectively

Learn How to Stack Value and Ideas

Better Position Your Business Venture

Generate Raving Fans

Build an Engaged and Involved Community

Gain a Greater Reach with Your Following

Pivot Your Business Sustainably

Start Sharing and Win Prizes

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The Sustainable YOU Challenge Prizes

Grand Prize:

SBU Accelerator Program ($7497 Value)

Secondary Prizes:

5 SBU Live Certifications ($497 Value)

5 SBU Basic Certifications ($297 Value)

Giveaway Prizes:

9 Step Business Fears Action Plan ($47 Value)

7 Step Sustainable, Profitable, Experience Driven Business Action Plan ($47 Value)

2021 Mindful Actions Calendar ($47 Value)


Challenge Agenda – 5 Days, 1 Hour/Day

Day #1: Building The Sustainable YOU! (Nov 30th 7-8pm EST)

During this session, you’ll discover how to maximize your purpose, mission, core values, and get the motivated breakthroughs and the passion that you need to persist and persevere through inevitable business challenges sustainably and successfully into the future.

You will learn from an ex-hostage negotiator, business mentor, and motivational speaker that will guide you through forming your own AHA moments. This can fuel you to taking the appropriate actions needed to succeed with your venture.

Greater Know, Like, & Trust Pairing with Your Values

Differentiate Your Messaging

Greater Appreciation in Your Own Brand


Keynote speaker, Author, Mental Health Advocate @ J. Paul Nadeau International

Paul is the best-selling author of the book, “Take Control of Your Life”. He’s a mental health specialist, a TEDx & keynote speaker, former police detective, hostage negotiator, and international peacekeeper. He invested more than 30 years working with victims of crime and perpetrators and learning from top experts in abuse situations, murder investigations, hostage takings, terrorist attacks and human behavior. He has a unique approach to connecting with people of all walks of life and under every circumstance, while resonating the importance that we can each contribute to helping the world become a better and safer place.

Day #2: Fortify your Personal Branding, Presence, & develop greater teams utilizing your own custom personality leadership assessment. (Dec 1st 7-8pm EST)

When you have an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, paired with a winning personal branding and team building strategy. You can propel yourself to new heights in the eyes of your prospects and customers. Perception is huge, and doing it in a sustainable way can easily bring you to the next level during these trying times.

Build Your Personal Brand more effectively

Greater Understanding in YOU, Your Strengths, & Weaknesses

Building a Motivated Team & Find the RIGHT Partners

Bobby Umar

CEO of DYPB  – Discover Your Personal Brand

Bobby Umar is an inspirational speaker & coach who champions authentic connection and heart-based leadership. An Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker, he’s also spoken at TEDx 5 times. With over half a million social media followers, Bobby is a recognized influencer and thought leader in Networking, Personal Branding & Digital Marketing. He founded DYPB – Discover Your Personal Brand to help thousands discover their greatness and create more meaningful impact.

Day #3: Building a Sustainable Community & Internal Innovation (Dec 2nd 7-8pm EST)

During Covid, it’s essential to learn how to better interact with, and understand how to generate greater motivation, engagement, and actions when forming your online community. Learn how can you build your community effectively, and in the right way so you grow into the future.

Build a Laser Targeted Community of Like-Minded People

Raving fans that interact, engage with, and spread your messaging

Greater motivation within your community with purchasing actions

Gina Romero

CEO and Co-Founder of Connected Women

Gina is the co-founder and CEO of Connected Women, a social impact tech start-up with global recognition matching talented Filipino women with meaningful remote work opportunities. She’s a mentor within the Facebook accelerator program, an unconventional entrepreneur, community builder, and technology & AI consultant. In October 2020, Gina was awarded as a Finalist of the prestigious “Asia CEO Awards’ in the Shero of the Year category.

Day #4: Exclusive “Game Changing” Pivot Idea List to strategically position your business in these challenging times. (Live Demonstration)

(Dec 3rd 7-8pm EST)

Some ideas generate a small bit of leverage. Some ideas create HUGE Advantage. And some ideas are absolute “Game Changers” A game changing idea is a strategy that’s so high-leverage, it’s capable of delivering 3 – 5 years-worth of growth in a short time. It may sound crazy, but 2021 could be the year you achieve your 5-year goal.

How to Position Your Value for Greater Differentiation

Incorporate Concepts and Stacking into Your Products/Services for Easy Implementation

Live Demonstration of Brainstorming and Integrating Value Stacking into Your Products & Services

Chris Munce

Partner  |  Sustainable Business University 
CEO | Marketing Growth Inc.

Chris is the Marketing Lead, Co-Developer, and Partner of the Sustainable Business University, an education platform that helps heart-centered entrepreneurs form passionate sustainable businesses creating impact within society. He is the CEO of Marketing Growth Inc., helping businesses strategize and execute omni-channel marketing campaigns, user experiences, online programs, products and services. He is a Business & Marketing Consultant & Coach, and has 43 marketing certifications with Digital Marketer, Google, Hubspot, Bing, and SEMRUSH. And he specializes in Strategy, User Experience, Coaching, and the Development of Business Models, Online Programs, Sales Funnels, and Conversion-Based Content.

Day #5: How to Build a Profitable & Scalable Business Sustainably in Tough Times

(Dec 4th 7-8pm EST)

With Covid, businesses that generate impact within local communities and society are gaining greater traction within the marketplace. Find out how you can position your business utilizing sustainable practices, generating good profitability, with the ability to realistically scale and create impact within your community.

Greater Ease to Pivot Business

More Motivated Workforce

Better Relationships with 1st & 2nd Order Stakeholders

Ravi Chidambaram

Founder | Sustainable Business University
President and Co-Founder at TC Capital Pte. Ltd.

Ravi is the Founder of the Sustainable Business University, an education platform that helps heart-centered entrepreneurs form passionate sustainable businesses creating impact within society. The Co-Founder of TC Capital, an award-winning independent Asia-based M&A advisory firm with transactions in the billions. He’s a serial entrepreneur with 3 successful multi-million dollar companies, an adjunct professor at prestigious universities, including Yale NUS teaching Business Sustainability, and has over 3 decades of valuable experience in investment banking.

We’ve built this Sustainable YOU challenge to help you solidify your idea, venture, or business, and position it to make 2021 your best year ever!

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