Transforming Startup Inaction and Failure into Profitable Sustainable Businesses

90% of start-ups fail. That sobering fact isn’t meant to discourage you, but to remind you that it’s a risky endeavor. And you’re right to approach it cautiously, as there are so many different hats you need to wear to just to maintain your business.

Many of the 10% that “succeed” also can easily lead to the hopeful entrepreneur barely keeping their head above water. Stuck in the rut of constantly working, difficulty in growing realistically, and trapped in a pattern that depleted their quality of life.

Draining them, their relationships, and their fading passion they once had.

You don’t want to fail, and you don’t want to be trapped in a business that drains you all day every day, right?

Well, we’ve developed a comprehensive solution that will help!

The Sustainable Business University Interactive Program

The SBU focuses not only on helping you build a successful, profitable, stable business with realistic growth potential. It also acknowledges the current market, and the trends moving into the future. But, beyond that, our unique methods focus on your purpose, and in sustaining happiness, worth, and community connection in your valued path.

We, as people, are always most content when we are making a worthwhile impact in our community. When we are serving, not taking, and being valued & appreciated fairly for the service we provide. We will take you by the hand each step of the way in creating a realistic business plan that is connected to who you are and what you value.

We are dedicated to making the world a better place, and training entrepreneurs who want to do the same.

The Sustainable Business University is the first of its kind, and no other comparable endeavor exists to date. A program that grew from the proven expertise of a 3-time successful business owner, a M&A investment bank co-founder dedicated to sustainable business, and Yale NUS professor.

And that focuses on YOU!

We look at the innovators focused on sustainability and discuss use-cases of these successful companies, identifying what works, why it worked, and dissecting their strategies and processes. All in a group coaching environment, that’s paired with your own personal accountability team.

We guide you to creating a Business plan that is not only profitable, but that you can be proud of because it represents You to the fullest extent. Your values, goals, strengths, and mission.

We’ll take you by the hand and help you design a business plan with proven effective methods. Build a business that will give you profit and pride in what you’ve created.

 Benefits of the sbu

Actionable: Go from the idea phase to having a solid, high-profit potential business plan in 12 weeks
Revolutionary: Learn how to stay on top of the changing market, and able to carry you into the future.
True to You: Values-focused, community driven, principled business development.
Stable & Profitable: Build a solid foundation & apply proven methods to define a rock-solid business plan.
Proven: Designed by successful multiple business owner, Yale U Professor, and experienced Investment Banker.
Network: Being a part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs

Support: Having an accountability team behind you every step of the journey so you don’t get lost along the way.

Coaching: Interactive group coaching sessions to help guide you

Effective Tools: Access to a sustainable reporting tool, worksheets, and mindmaps.

Self-Discovery: An emphasis on defining practical application for your values, passions, and goals.

Mentorship: Programs for mentoring others & being mentored, get support and stay accountable.

Sustainable: Innovative software ranks your business like a credit score for sustainability.

Bonuses: Have the ability to win a free access to the SBU Business Accelerator

Grant Opportunities: Pitch your business plan and potentially win a grant of $100,000

Innovative Learning: Our use-case interactive sessions are very effective, just like how Harvard University teaches.

 Benefits of the sbu

You can’t build a solid, profitable, stable business without a business plan. Our methods are proven effective, and designed by successful, long-term business owners, and backed by data. Businesses that rank higher on the Environmental Social Governance are performing better in the current market, and on the rise. Some of the Long-term benefits the SBU course can offer you and your business are:

Save Time & Money by Creating a More Efficient Workspace:

Actionable Steps: Save years of trial and error & learn from those who have already done it, and done it successfully.

Reduce Bottlenecks: Anticipate, identify, and fix business gaps & bottlenecks

Employee Motivation: Socially conscious, purpose driven businesses do lead to a happier, more dedicated workforce with a common goal.

Employee Retention: A happier work environment leads to greater employee retention and less time hiring and retraining.

Unpaid Advertising: Develop more organic contact points to reach out to clients & prospects in your community without paying for advertising.

Enhance Profit Potential and Business Performance:

Proven Performance: Higher ESG companies perform better in the current market, and that’s on the rise more each year (source, couldn’t quite make out on my slide image)

Crisis-Resistant: Sustainable companies performed better during the Covid pandemic than others, and are generally better prepared to last in changing times.

Better Relationships: More connected clients gained through community driven organic traffic and more relevant touchpoints, people need to trust before they buy.

More Repeat Business: Clients that appreciate the value you offer and trust you to take care of them, and that resonate with your values will buy from you again.

More Referrals: When you have a passionate customer base that connects with your clients’ values and sense of community then they will want to recommend you.

Perceived Value: It is a measurable fact that today’s market will pay more for products that align with their principles. You can charge more when you’re sustainable.

Make Your Life Easier, More Stable, and More Fulfilled

Eliminate Risk: Avoid the potential for future exposure of ill-practices, social media fire storms, & boycotts

Limit Stress: Learn how to minimize the stresses, fears, and mistakes that often come with entrepreneurship.

Connected Team: Learn to hire and partner with the right people to complement and motivate each other.

Gain Stability:
Realistic profit growth, better performance, connected to the market, more prepared for the future.

Make a Difference: Offer a service that you believe in that improves the lives of your local & global community.

Be Proud: Hold your head up high knowing your business practices align with your principles and purpose.

Better Motivation: When you believe in what you’re doing, helping people and have happy customers.

It is possible to be purposeful, true to your values, and make a fair profit.

In fact, the way the market is moving, you are more likely to profit and connect with your prospects when you truly believe in the service you are providing

Think of yourself 5 years from now, successful in your chosen business, able to spend your time doing what you love and manage a reasonable schedule.

Proud of what you’ve created with no skeletons in your closet or shame in how you’ve gained your success. A revolutionary that’s on the right side of history, with a product or service that adds to the lives of people in your community.