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Module 1 :

  • How YOU find the right balance with your business or startup
  • How to identify your leadership style, strengths, and weaknesses
  • How to define what you stand for, and what drives you to be a better person
  • How to strengthen and generate greater ideas to bring into your startup
  • How to generate greater motivation to keep persisting on this startup journey
  • How to Identify your values, mission, and vision

Module 2 :

Interactive Group Coaching Session + Accountability Team Breakout Room

Module 3 :

  • Revolutionize your ideas to create more fulfilling experiences & customer demand
  • The Acceleration of your results
  • Creating great memorable brand missions
  • How to Build a clean & efficient business
  • How to measure profitability
  • Refine & reposition your value proposition
  • Different ways to test and pivot within your business
  • Greater clarity and refining of your business models
  • Get further, quicker with your business

Module 4 :

Interactive Group Coaching Session + Accountability Team Breakout Room

Module 5 :

  • Generate more cashflow with funding options
  • Greater employee motivation & company culture
  • Greater accountability & performance & execution
  • Greater positive impact socially
  • Creative hiring for team development – compensation & approach
  • Positioning & structure of co-founders & partners
  • Founders agreement positioning & stakeholder development
  • Preventing mission drift
  • Ethics to make your business shine – Frameworks

Module 6 :

Interactive Group Coaching Session + Accountability Team Breakout Room

Module 7 :

  • Sustainability & profitability go hand in hand
  • More trust, attraction, retention & commitment from employees
  • Greater perceived quality, trust, affinity, brand preference from customers
  • Strategies to price your products & services right
  • Implementing sustainable behaviors into your brand
  • Sustainable brand obstacle elimination
  • Greater brand perception & performance
  • Developing your supply chain
  • Sustainable community-based models
  • Customer stakeholder engagements & relationship development
  • Sustainability roadmap & circular economy

Module 8 :

Interactive Group Coaching Session + Accountability Team Breakout Room

Module 9 :

  • Achieve higher profitability, better share price performance
  • How to retain your customers, suppliers & employees while going sustainable
  • Within 2 years a sustainability score will be equivalent to a credit score today
  • Measurement of social impact within a framework that’s time-based
  • Generation of a sustainability score that acts like a credit score
  • Ability to decrease and mitigate risk throughout organization
  • Greater firm value
  • Enhances employee engagement, improves job satisfaction, meets your employee’s needs, increases their confidence & public affinity towards company leaders
  • Greater ability for customers to promote you
  • Reduce cost of capital & enhancing market performance
  • Creating operational efficiencies & lowering taxes putting money back into your pocket
  • How to scale a business realistically and sustainable
In the near future, Not adopting to sustainability practices:

  • More difficult to do business with counterparties in all types of transactions
  • Negative sustainability evaluations from regulators, customers, employees, suppliers and investors
  • A good possibility to lose a lot of revenue from potential and current clients

Module 10 :

Interactive Group Coaching Session + Accountability Team Breakout Room

Module 11 :

  • How to decide what business model is best for you and your startup.
  • Sustainability models embracing greater engagement and alignment with customers and other stakeholders
  • The deploying of Sustainable Intrapreneurship models to improve employee morale & motivation.
  • How to go from surviving to thriving in social intrapreneurship ventures
  • Challenges and solutions for sustainable and social business models
  • Designing of Social Enterprises that are ethical, balanced, and profitable

Module 12 :

Business Plan Presentation and Critiques