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Sustainability and Social Impact are on everyone’s mind in our current social climate. It’s a growing movement, and is only going to keep growing as the millennial generation is now the biggest consumer market. The revolution in the market is already underway, and it’s for the better. It’s time to build the foundation to sustain your business into the future. Let’s build a better world together, and enjoy ethical, purpose-driven success.


What makes the SBU the best sustainability program out there?
  • Not just theoretical, but highly actionable program material
  • Innovative and Proven Sustainable business models are featured
  • Sustainable companies are built from this program
  • Masters university degree program already being built from this training
  • Integrated software suite that gives you a sustainability report & score based off the practices of your business (worth $10,000+)
  • Instructed and designed by Yale NUS and Warton Business School Professor with 3 successful businesses of his own and 30 years of experience in investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions focused on sustainable companies.
Do I get the SBU Online Program for Free?
  • Yes, you receive the online version with the training materials. You would need to upgrade to receive the video lectures and live classes. The upgrade would certify you from the Sustainable Business University, plus many other perks.
How often do I get paid?

We pay monthly, but with high volume clients, we can discuss bi-weekly or even weekly payments.


Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee for my customers?

We offer a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with our course


How does your team support my referrals?
  •  Rest assured that our course, mentorship program, and accountability groups will help support and guide your referrals
  • As well, our dedicated customer support team will be there to answer any of their questions or concerns.
How do I get credit for the sale?
  • When the prospective member uses your unique link or discount code, you get credit for the sale. You will have a 30-day cookie, so anytime within 30 days anyone who clicks on your link makes a sale, you get paid for the sale!
What’s is the process to become an affiliate?
  • First, you have to click on the register button on this page. You complete your details and are given access to your promotional resources when approved for our partner program.
How can I promote the SBU Interactive Program?
  • You can start promoting the SBU Interactive Program via emails, social media posts, ads, website banners and reviews, videos. 
What are the restrictions to promoting the Program?

The restrictions would be:

  • *No spamming of any form will be permitted.
  • The utilization of the “Sustainable Business University” or “SBU” name in ways that would compete with the SBU brand


Earn up to 50% revenue while promoting sustainable, ethical business practices.
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